Ayurvedic Health Counseling

Book a Ayurvedic Health Counseling session to learn more about your individual constitution and assessed imbalances that may be causing - or could cause - disease. Ayurveda aims to address the root cause of any imbalance and to restore harmony to mind, body, and spirit. The journey is a process that requires support and follow-up care. Therefore, we recommend at least three sessions. Learn more about your options here.

Marma Therapy

There are 72,000 subtle energy channels in the body. Where these channels intersect, we find the Marma, or “vital points”. Marma therapy - which includes massage based on your constitution and energetic healing - aims to restore overall energetic balance in the body and, through specific protocols, can help alleviate symptoms of disharmony. Learn more about your options here.

Yoga & Meditation

An RYT-500 yoga instructor and mindfulness coach and facilitator for private and corporate clients, Kirsten believes in meeting each practitioner where they are and translating yoga on the mat into everyday life and the world. Kirsten’s approach goes beyond traditional asana and stress reduction techniques to emphasize practical everyday mindfulness practices as well as deeper meditation to expand awareness and consciousness. Learn more about your options here.

You can also join Kirsten during her public classes at Bhakti Yoga, DC.